Who is Sergey Brin?

Sergey Brin is a computer Scientist and an entrepreneur related to the Internet Industry.  He was born in Moscow, Russia in 1973. His birthday falls in August. His father was a Soviet economist as well as mathematician. His family had to leave their country and go to the US to save themselves from being prosecuted by the Jews in 1979.

Sergey Brin got his degree in maths and computer science from University of Maryland at College Park. After he received the degree he went to Stanford University. At Standford University he got introduced to Larry Page. At that time both of them were completing their doctorate degree in Computer Science.

While they were doing their research project at the University of Stanford, they fashioned a search engine which made a list of all the results that were very popular according to the pages after coming to the conclusion that the one that was used maximum was the one that was very popular. They gave the name “Google” to the engine they used for searching. Google has been derived from a mathematical word googol. It represents the immense information that can be got from the web whatever be the topic.

The Google as a company was launched in 1998 after raising funds worth one million dollars from friends, investors as well as family. It is after this that Google has now become the most sought after search engine of the world. It gets queries which exceed two hundred million everyday. The head quarter of Google is in California. The shares of the company became open to public in 2000. By doing this the dual became billionaires. Brin a till dates looks after the day to day dealing of the company along with Larry. The Chief Executive Officer of Google is Eric Schmidt.

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