Marketing Services – Brandino

Marketing is the heart of your company, if it beats correctly everything is fine.

One of the key aspects of marketing activity is regular tracking and managing business processes. It is cleverly positioning in the competitive environment, analyzing consumer demand and needs, as well as forming a strategic plan for the effective functioning of the operational tasks.

We will organize your marketing mix, but as the final element of the planning, we will optimize advertising of your organization so that you reduce your costs to a minimum.

Marketing Mix

  • Product-perception of your product market (packaging, warranty, quality);
  • Price- discounts, rebates, payments, credit, seasonal discounts;
  • Distribution – distribution of stocks and optimize the cost of transport and localization of the product commercially.
  • Promotions – Advertising, (exclusive offer for sale), direct marketing, determining the most effective media channel, public relations;



  • We investigate the strengths and weaknesses of your company, and accordingly advise you how best to optimally organize their activities.
  • Analyze the market and competition, examine the risks and opportunities in forging a marketing strategy for your business.
  • Help you organize your daily operational tasks;
  • Depending on whether your company is new or already established in the market, prepare individual business plan.
  • Segmenting your target group by different criteria and signs – gender, age, profession, etc. In this way you know who buys from you, why and where are the most sought after goods or services.
  • Optimize your costs for distribution.